Technical Support

TEST-FUCHS | Telephone & remote support

Telephone & remote support

Our specialists work closely with you and via remote computer-to-computer access. Our specialists are trained to understand common issues, can look into the "noise" of the log files, troubleshoot and provide you with the necessary adjustments and optimizations to keep you productive.
TEST-FUCHS | Maintenance at TEST-FUCHS

Maintenance at TEST-FUCHS

Mobile test systems can be sent to the TEST-FUCHS headquarters for diagnosis and/or immediate repair.
TEST-FUCHS | On-site maintenance

On-site maintenance

Specialists check and repair at the customer’s location; if necessary they can also establish a remote connection to troubleshoot with additional colleagues within TEST-FUCHS.
TEST-FUCHS | Calibration Service

Calibration Service

TEST-FUCHS | Customer Training

Customer Training

TEST-FUCHS | Spare Parts Service

Spare Parts Service