Tips for your application

Want to improve your chances to land that new job? On this page we answer the most common questions to the application process.

How can I apply for a job at TEST-FUCHS?

Are you clever and looking for an apprenticeship, lateral job change or an senior-level opportunity?  Excellent - TEST-FUCHS is Waldviertel's high-tech company, and we have been searching for you!

apply via our Online Form

via e-mail to: ichwilldenjob [at]

or via mail:
zH Personalabteilung
Test-Fuchs Str. 1-5
3812 Groß Siegharts

What should your application include and what should it express?

It is important for us to get a feeling for you and who you are.  Be sure you explain why you are best qualified for this position and do realize this is the first impression so make sure your application is provided on-time.  Additionally we expect you to send your documents in typical formats (for example PDF) and the document must include as a minimum:

  • Motivation Letter

  • CV or Resume

  • Copy of your school records

  • Copy of available ""Dienstzeugnissen"" or references from form supervisors

  • Your current residence

Be sure that your documents provide current information to your actual employment status and to your address and contact information

What does the application process look like at TEST-FUCHS?

After receiving your complete application the process begins:

  • You will recieve a prompt reply that your application has been recieved
  • Your application will be send to the relevant supervisor of the department in question and they will determine who is most qualitfied and shoud be invited for an interview
  • An interview will then be conducted with at least your potential supervisor and a representative from HR
  • During the interview we will inform you about further steps, if necessary, based on the results of the interview

How can I apply for a position in an international location of TEST-FUCHS?

Send your application to ichwilldenjob [at], it will be sent to the responsible department and/or the relevant location for consideration.

The interview can take place in Gross-Siegharts or the desired location. Austrian residents who desire to work abroad will be trained in Gross Siegharts to get to know the company. New employees from abroad will receive repeated trainings in Gross-Siegharts for several weeks.

You would like to work for us, but there is no current vacancy?

To keep TEST-FUCHS in a flying position we are constantly looking for qualified employees for technical or commercial tasks. Unsolicited applications are always welcome. Tell us in your application what you are particularly good at.

More questions?

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Verena Fida
Head of Human Resources
+43 2847 9001 250
ichwilldenjob [at]

Melanie Berner
Human Resources
+43 2847 9001 349