Bonding and Loop Resistance Tester
Bonding and Loop Resistance Tester
ATA Chapter 20 - 28

The test capability ranges from manual 4-wire-bonding tests and loop resistance tests with current clamps up to the possibility to carry out these tests automatically and to store the measuring values directly in the database.

  • Large touch display for good readability and integrated Windows PC
  • Software enables simple and intuitive operation
  • Multi-function tester with selectable standard and special functions
  • Coded pincers and test cables can be replaced independently from the device
  • USB, LAN and optional WLAN interface
  • Automatic test procedures with adaptable interface (e.g.: Excel)
  • App available for BLRT3 remote control
  • Including self test unit for function control of the test equipment and the measuring clamps
  • A customer specific automatic test enables an easy implementation of existing processes