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TEST-FUCHS puts a considerable emphasis on apprenticeship as many of our best employees joined the company through the program. As a company we are proud of our apprentices who in return receive top training and numerous trophies at various apprentice competitions.


TEST-FUCHS has training programs for the following vocations and professions:

  • Mechatronics and Automation Engineering
    • In this field you will receive a comprehensive training in mechanics, electrics, electronics (digital and analogue), structural steel work, hydraulics and pneumatics. Basic skills in PLC programming as well as knowledge of the applicable standards, quality management (QA) and safety engineering. In your last year you have the possibility to specialize in the field you prefer.
    • Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 years
      Vocational schooling: LBS Amstetten
      10 weeks / year (boarding school), 4th year: 5 weeks
      Training positions: approx. 10 per year
  • IT Technician
    • As an IT technician you are responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining IT devices. During your apprenticeship you will be dealing with hardware and software and will be trained in various technical departments.

    • Duration of apprenticeship: 4 years
      Vocational schooling: LBS Pöchlarn
      10 weeks / year (boarding school)
      Training positions: 1 per year
  • Metal technology - Machining, Cutting
    • The training starts with metal working training and finalizes in the field of cutting works, CNC, CAD/CAM techniques.
    • Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 years
      Vocational schooling: LBS Neunkirchen
      10 weeks / year (boarding school), 4th year: 5 weeks
      Training positions: 2 per year
  • Technical Designer specializing in Mechanical Engineering
    • You will design, plan and manufacture machines and other devices. You will be trained in development, calculation, simulation, design, pre-manufacture and production.

    • Duration of apprenticeship: 4 years
      Vocational schooling: Berufsschule Linz 3
      10 weeks / year (boarding school)
      Training positions: 1 per year
  • Electrical Engineer
    • You will plan, fit, install, maintain and repair electrical components and systems of industrial machines, cooling units and power supplies.

    • Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 years
      Vocational schooling: LBS Amstetten
      10 weeks / year (boarding school), 4th year: 5 weeks
      Training positions: 2 per year

Your apprenticeship at TEST-FUCHS

As an apprentice at TEST-FUCHS you are fully integrated in the production. During our training you will work in almost all departments of the company and have the opportunity to work on a project right from the start. You will be trained in the latest technologies, tools and machines. As an apprentice you have a direct connection to practical work. Being a part of every-day work life you will be confronted with problems and grow by solving them.

As an apprentice you also have the chance to make a „personal“ product. In 2006 we established the TEST-FUCHS Academy where our apprentices are taught the theoretical knowledge of their future profession.


Your benefits of apprenticeship training at TEST-FUCHS

Financial bonuses

  • for passed exams for apprenticeship with high school diploma
  • for success in professional school
  • in case of participation in apprentice competitions
  • for passed final apprenticeship exams

International experience

 We make field service experience possible for you (e.g. in Germany, Poland, Italy)

Apprentices work on the end product

 As an apprentice, you will work on the product in the departments and you will be directly involved in the workflow.

Team building

 We offer numerous joint activities (bowling, apprentice excursions)

Apprenticeship with high school diploma

We support the free apprenticeship with high school diploma directly in our company and provide you with a starter package


 In the TEST-FUCH Academy, you will learn theoretical and specialist knowledge from experienced employees in the areas

  • Hydraulics
  • Security technology
  • Mechanical construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Foreign language English
Apprentice workpieces

 You can design your workpiece as a "personal" product (e.g. grill, screw clamp, clock, 4-in-a-row)

Forklift and welding courses

  • we take the costs for forklift and welding courses within the vocational training
  • In addition, you can look forward to a comprehensive range of training courses and further education programs

 available free of charge

Training in the region

 Apprenticeship training in the Region of “Waldviertel” - a region with a high quality of life


5 steps to becoming a TEST-FUCHS apprentice


Please send a letter of application (containing the name of the desired apprenticeship), curriculum vitae with photo and the latest certification from school until the end of February

  • via our Online-Form
  • via e-mail or
  • or via mail with the keyword „Lehre“ to the Human Resource department in Gross Siegharts
  • After processing the applications you will receive an invitation for a written entrance exam
Written entrance exam
After assessing the application submissions, you will be informed about a written admission test. This test takes about 2.5 hours and checks your logical understanding and general knowledge. You can also put your manual skills to the test.
Personal Interview

After a general screening of the applicants exams, those candidates that are particularly interesting will be invited to a personal interview that will take place by the end of March.

Written acceptance / turndown

Based on the applicants' performance across the complete application process (application, written entrance exam, interview) we will make our decision on your admission. The notification will be sent by mid-April.

Start of your training
The start of an apprenticeship is always the beginning of September. In special cases we admit apprentices also during the year.

Apprenticeship with A levels / High school degree

TEST-FUCHS offers its apprentices active support for the apprenticeship with high school diploma directly in the company. The vocational school-leaving certificate is considered a fully-fledged high school diploma.

Participation in the required courses is free of charge for all apprentices who are in an upright teaching relationship and who complete the Matura no later than 5 years after the final apprenticeship examination.

Organization of A levels:
In total four tests must be passed: German, Maths, English and a subject of choice.
Three of the four exams have to be taken before the apprenticeship is finished, the fourth exam can be taken after the 19th birthday of the student and after the apprenticeship has been finished. Students have to attend a course twice a week in preparation for every exam.
How does TEST-FUCHS contribute:
  • The preparation courses are organized together with the Academy WIFI NÖ directly at the TEST-FUCHS premises
  • The courses take place immediately after regular office hours to make it easy for the participants
  • TEST-FUCHS provides stationery, computers and internet
  • Additionally we offer as incentive a bonus for good exam results
  • Find more information about the WIFI A levels here


 What else could be of interest to you?

  • Possibility of trial days
    • During your school practical training days/weeks (Berufrspraktische Wochen) you have the possibility to visit TEST-FUCHS for one or two days. This possibility is generally available year round with the permission of your parents and your school. To arrange a visit simply call the reception and arrange a date!

  • Shortened apprenticeships
    • If you already have completed an education or other technical/vocational training you may be eligible for a shortened apprenticeship. Such cases are investigated and approved by the apprenticeship authorities for Lower Austria (Lehrlingstelle NÖ).

  • Incentive bonuses
    • Incentive bonuses are awarded to apprentices that achieve good performance in vocational schools and final examination.

  • Apprentice information evening
    • At the beginning of every year we have an information evening at TEST-FUCHS for interested young people and their parents. This enables all concerned to obtain details of the apprenticeship/s and make a tour of the factory to experience in detail what happens at TEST-FUCHS.