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Maintenance and Ground Support Equipment

All our products are characterised by high quality and rapid availability.

We offer innovative solutions for line and base maintenance.

Increase safety and productivity while reducing costs and minimizing downtime. Our Ground Support Equipment is designed with the objectives of the crew and maintenance teams in mind.
The wide range of products includes AIRBUS Certified GSE for AIRBUS A320, AIRBUS A350, AIRBUS A400MOur maintenance products are in regular use by our customers for BOEING B737 through to BOEING B787 and many more aircraft types.
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We have an extensive range of innovative hydraulic testing equipment sold worldwide. Depending on the type of equipment, Phosphate-Ester Hydraulic Oil (“Skydrol” or “Hyjet”) or Mineral Oil based Hydraulic Oil can be used. Ground support equipment is mobile and more flexible than the test stands, and therefore provide easy operation. They maintain and test aircraft hydraulic systems for hangar and outdoor applications.

Ground support equipment offers mobile solutions to cabin pressurisation, toilet leak testing, and oxygen and nitrogen regulating.

The air conditioning ground support equipment is for the purpose of regulating air supply while the aircraft is parked or grounded, using ambient air as the medium. The stationary air conditioning equipment allows automatically controlled, constant operation.

All conductive aircraft components are electrically connected to one another and connections must have a minimal electrical resistance. Bonding/loop resistance testers test this to ensure structural and electrical integrity. Using this equipment will prevent and limit damage to aircraft. There are a wide range of accessories and options available depending on requirements. Portable, robust and practical.