Aerospace systems | Quality | Certificates
  • EN 9100:2018
    • Development of hardware and software, production and maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic components and systems for the aviation, space, defence and mobility industries.
  • EASA Part 21, Subpart G
    • Production of secundary-structural mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic components made of metallic materials including electrical/ electronic components
  • EASA Part-145 / FAR-145
    • Maintenance of aircraft components and issue of the associated release certificates by EASA FORM 1 / CoC, or issue of a "dual-release" certificate FAR-145 with our partner AUSTRIAN Technik.
  • Other Certificates
    • Honeywell AWARS
  • Special Process Qualifications
    • ECSS-Q-70-08, EN 4179 / NAS 410 (PT, MT), ISO 9712 (VT, PT, MT)