From the late 1980s onwards, TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems has been part of the European Launcher Program Ariane 5. Major propulsion system equipment, mainly cryogenic valves for the control of hydrogen, oxygen and liquid helium were developed and produced by TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems.

In 2014 TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems started with development and prototype production activities for the Ariane 5ME (today Ariane 6) propulsion equipment. The reliable expertise of TEST-FUCHS in the field of cryogenics was honored, being the selected partner within the new European Launch System Ariane 6, as well.

Various satellites of European OEMs are equipped with TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems flow control valve actuators for the onboard attitude control system.

Customers & Programs:

Ariane Group, Ariane 5 and Ariane 6

Airbus Defence and Space