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Manufacturing & Assembly
TEST-FUCHS | Manufacture technologies

Manufacture technologies

State of the art chipping and bending technologies and highly qualified experts guarantee complex components for the aerospace and space industry.

TEST-FUCHS | Painting and galvanic shop

Painting and galvanic shop

In our painting and galvanic shop TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems can treat surfaces directly after manufacturing the components, quickly and efficiently.

TEST-FUCHS | Electric- and electronic manufacture / coiling shop

Electric- and electronic manufacture / coiling shop

The TEST-FUCHS Group has an extensive experience in the manufacture of electric/electronic components and sophisticated coil products. TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems can benefit from this expertise and assembles high quality mechanical, electric and electronic products in highly advanced products.

TEST-FUCHS | Assembly


TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems assembles mechanical, electric/electronic and electromechanical components for applications in fuel, hydrogen, oxygen, lubrication- and hydraulic systems for cryogenic and critical environmental conditions.



As a leading enterprise in the design and manufacture of test systems, TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems can benefit from a more than 70 year-long expertise. Test equipment is designed, manufactured and used in-house by our specialists, over a short period and tailored to the customers’ requirements.

TEST-FUCHS | Workshops


Our assembly and test shops are equipped according to the requirements of our products and according to the norms of EASA Part 21G to achieve a maximum in quality.