TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems, Research and Development – Innovation is a basic part of the company’s philosophy. It is the drive for growing our business areas and competences.

The division R&D concentrates on new developments and upgrades to claim a leading role in technology. Among their tasks are:

  • Cultivate the market and analyze competitors to recognize market trends and to react at an early stage
  • Identify, develop and establish missing technologies
  • Build and manage know-how
  • Drive for technology developments in the Engineering Department

Experts in various fields strive to upgrade our core competences like pumps, valves, actuators, sensors, electronic controls and regulators. Furthermore, they work on future issues like airborne software (RTCA/DO-178), complex hardware (RTCA/DO-254) or more intelligent systems (MIS).

TEST-FUCHS | Airborne Software

Airborne Software

The aerospace industry has an increasing demand for highly efficient and reliable components with digital interfaces and multiple additional functions. Acquiring and extending the relevant expertise is an important task within R&D. TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems works according to RTCA DO-178C (ED-12C) or RTCA/DO-254 regulations and will implement relevant developments according to V-model, verify and validate them respectively.

TEST-FUCHS | Smart Motor Controller

Smart Motor Controller

TEST-FUCHS | Do178 HIL testing

Do178 HIL testing

TEST-FUCHS | Fuel Management

Fuel Management

TEST-FUCHS | Research & Development Process

Research & Development Process

We never stop developing. Due to decades of work in the pump manufacture, we have access to a vast data pool that helps us to improve our products constantly. The acquired data, combined with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and FEM (finite elements method) analysis enhance the reliability and efficiency for future applications.

TEST-FUCHS | Miniaturization, Optimization of Cost and Weight

Miniaturization, Optimization of Cost and Weight

Smaller, but more efficient – is no contradiction at all. TEST-FUCHS Aerospace Systems develops electronics in minimized units by optimizing circuits and using highly reliable components (e.g. BGAs) for critical environmental circumstances. These units are smaller but nevertheless meet the customers’ steadily increasing requirements. This miniaturization of single components results in smaller and optimized housings, reducing weight and costs of the complete component or system.