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Internships, grants, scholarship projects

TEST-FUCHS offers qualified candidates additional possibilities of cooperation. We offer internships/traineeships, scholarships as well as opportunities for students to write their scientific papers. So please consider applying to expand your horizons!

Practical training at TEST-FUCHS

We have a limited number of positions for Internships/practical training at TEST-FUCHS that are given to students and university students with technical or commercial background.

The selection process for trainees begins early in the calendar year so be sure to apply on-time!

Practical training during the summer months will be granted to university, technical college students or students, of secondary technical/vocational schools. We will select the candidates according to their quality of application and grades in February. The best applicants will receive the positions for the summer months.

Please apply via our Online-Form and include:

  • a letter of motivation
  • your curriculum vitae
  • school certificates

TEST-FUCHS scholarship

If you are studying at a technical university

  • with a focus on electrical engineering, informatics, mechanical engineering or technical physics we encourage you to apply for a TEST-FUCHS scholarship

Each year we grant the amount of EUR 1.250,00/per semester (= twice a year)

If you are interested and qualify for the scholarship, please apply with a letter of motivation, CV, certificate of Matura / secondary school final exam, enrolment for university and university grades until the end of October each year.

  • via our Online-Form
  • via e-mail to ausgefuchstertyp [at] or
  • via mail with the keyword „Scholarship“ to the Human Resource department in Gross Siegharts

We also offer an opportunity for a training during the summer months (paid separately), where you can gather experience and get to know the company. Moreover we offer the chance of an employment after finalizing your studies. Be part of the team!

We select the candidates for interviews according to their grades and years at university. The selected candidates will be called for an interview. The criteria for scholarship, success and prolongations are determined by the TEST-FUCHS GmbH only. The decision is final.

Projects at TEST-FUCHS

TEST-FUCHS offers a range of possibilities for cooperation in projects for A-levels, Bachelor or Master papers or other scientific papers, related with the company’s industry and sectors of business.  Contact us directly with the specifics of your project. 

Send your application and project details by e-mail on ausgefuchstertyp [at]