27. September 2021

First LH2 cryogenic tank system for commercial vehicles

Two Austrian Technology Leaders Together Bring their Expertise in the Field of Sustainable Mobility onto the Market: On the basis of know-how from aerospace TEST-FUCHS develops special valves for the first LH2 cryotank system for commercial vehicles made by SAG.

The SAG (Salzburger Aluminium Group) charged TEST-FUCHS GmbH with the development of a 3/2 way valve for its innovative liquid hydrogen (LH2) cryotank system for commercial vehicles. As the first manufacturer the company from Salzburg launches an LH2-tank solution which will be produced in series from 2027. In addition, TEST-FUCHS develops another cryogenic valve for temperatures reaching -253 degrees to fulfill the special requirements of SAG concerning minimized electrical power consumption, leak-proofness as well as market price.

In the framework of the project H2-3-4 TEST-FUCHS transfers the know-how gathered in the last decades in terms of hydrogen applications for special aerospace valves to the commercial vehicles field (in motion) as well as to the constantly increasing number of hydrogen projects in the aviation industry (on air). In 2005 the first cryogenic valves for hydrogen applications in the automotive sector were already developed by TEST-FUCHS. As to cryogenic applications, TEST-FUCHS has been firmly established in the aerospace industry since 1988.

Volker Fuchs, CEO and owner of the TEST-FUCHS group: „I am very happy that we could convince SAG with our hydrogen valves for commercial vehicle applications – all the more so because we have the honor to take these steps with an Austrian innovation leader in the field of commercial vehicles. The confidence in TEST-FUCHS will serve us as a motivation to advance our project H2-3-4 in a focused way and to contribute with our know-how in the area of cryogenic hydrogen applications together with innovative market participants.”

Johannes Winklhofer, development leader at SAG, on the topic of the cooperation: „In order to liquefy hydrogen, it must be cooled down to minus 250 degrees Celsius. In addition to many other technical challenges, this requires a special valve system resistant to the particularly low temperatures. In TEST-FUCHS we have found an experienced partner for this development and. We benefit from its experience in aerospace technology and the highest safety and efficiency standards resulting from it.“

About SAG Group
The Salzburger Aluminium Group is an Austrian family company with 1100 employees at 12 sites worldwide in Europe, Mexico, the USA and Canada. The main site of the company founded in 1898 under the name of Salzburger Aluminium is situated in Austria (Lend in Salzburg). SAG has subsidiaries in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, Northern America and Canada. As the market leader for aluminum tanks for trucks SAG is a global supplier for all large OEMs. Other products are air tanks, compressed air reservoirs and special components for the commercial vehicle, rail and special vehicle industries. Furthermore, the company is a technology leader in the field of cryogenic tank systems for LNG (liquid natural gas) and LH2 (liquid hydrogen) and a pioneer in the field of rheocasting (special casting procedure for aluminum). Die export rate amounts to more than 90 percent. SAG supplies many international truck and automobile manufacturers as well as OEMs in the rail and special vehicles industry. The turnover of the entire company group in the year 2020 was about 155 million Euros. The business has lately been awarded a special prize as the “leading innovator” during the GreenTech Awards 2020/21. The reason for it were a number of patents the company was granted for innovations contributing essentially to climate protection.

TEST-FUCHS is one of the leading companies world-wide in the field of test equipment for aviation and aerospace industry as well as of development and manufacture of Ground Support Equipment for civil and military aviation. Other pillars of the innovative family company are the production and maintenance of flying components as well as the manufacture of cryogenic valves. TEST-FUCHS employs more than 550 people and, in addition to its main site in Austria, has places of business in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Singapore, China and the USA.