07. November 2022

Safety first – Defibrilator for TEST-FUCHS

Safety first – defibrillator for TEST-FUCHS
The safety of the employees is the top priority for TEST-FUCHS. In order to guarantee that the rescue chain runs smoothly in an emergency, free refresher courses in first aid are offered to all employees on a regular basis
and the best possible equipment is used. A new, modern defibrillator was recently purchased. As in the aerospace industry, new devices must first be tested to ensure maximum safety.
That's why Michael Hofstätter from "Rotes Kreuz Waidhofen/Thaya" trained interested employees from different departments in the correct handling of the new defibrillator over several course days
and gave useful tips on what to do in an emergency.

Safety in test > safety at work

Participants: Ebhard G., Irschik A., Flicker A., Dangl T., Litschauer Jo., Cibusch K., Macho K., Preisl T., Spitzer E., Zwerina A., Tiefenbacher S., Wopelka K., Yamvrias N., Greulberger C., Manhartseder B., Michael Hofstätter (Rotes Kreuz)