20. December 2021

TEST-FUCHS Christmas party 2021. Digital, but personal: "Your sats afoch guad!"

The current corona situation brings distance, personal contact from colleagues is limited to the bare minimum. Most of the companies have therefore waived a Christmas party in 2021 as well. Not so at TEST-FUCHS, the good cohesion is "capitalized" here.

Joint activities have a long tradition here. At TEST-FUCHS, these include the so-called “Gassl Festival” in summer and the Christmas party in winter. The company Christmas party 2021 was therefore not canceled and was promptly carried out virtually, according to the motto: "Digital, but personal". How can this be done?

To this end, TEST-FUCHS has come up with something special, including a surprise for everyone. The evening was similar to a Christmas menu with a speech, aperitif, starter and main course as well as dessert. In preparation, all employees received either a traditional or vegetarian menu from regional production in Groß-Siegharts (by Fleischhacker and Göttinger) as well as drinks for all menu courses. The food was picked up just before the Christmas party and kept fresh. Managers were also given preparation to organize the individual part of the evening.

It started with everyone, in addition to the employees in Austria, colleagues in Germany were also included in the online meeting. In the virtual room, the address was held briefly by the company owner, Volker Fuchs. The company's founding fathers were thought of with a minute of silence. Then came the big surprise: a keynote speech on the subject of cooperation by a guest speaker was announced. Of course, nobody would be very happy about that on a cozy Christmas Eve. After a minute on the topic, however, she laughed and picked up the guitar and microphone: a song was performed for TEST-FUCHS employees to everyone's astonishment. Thanks to all employees for their loyalty and commitment, in Waldviertel dialect, "Your sats afoch guad!"

In a good mood, the evening was then toasted at the next team or department meeting. Here we dined and played together. The managing directors were invited guests at all department meetings and had to make numerous visits, as is usual at a real Christmas party when you go from table to table. TEST-FUCHS IT also created their own meeting rooms such as a disco, cellar or the server room for everyone who was not too tired at an advanced hour. Here you could visit virtually and meet colleagues. The way home was not long in that case.