17. May 2021

Test-Fuchs employees are the hardest-working cyclists in Lower Austria

In May 2020, the Lower Austria campaign “Niederösterreich Radelt” began. During this time, people often worked from home. For a healthy balance, we at TEST-FUCHS created the opportunity to participate in the campaign and together Ride a bike. Cycling is good for you, whether for work or leisure. More cycling means a better quality of life. If more distances are covered by bike, everyone benefits. Cycling promotes health and improves fitness. In the period from May to the end of September 2020, Test-Fuchs employees cycled over 19,800 kilometers together. We have three participants who have driven more than 1,000 kilometers and 4 participants who have even driven over 2,000 kilometers. The remaining participants are between 10 and 900 km. At this point, congratulations to everyone who has been a good cyclist. We would like to especially congratulate Thomas Dworan, Andreas Seidl, Johanna Seidl and Katharina Kronsteiner, who cycled the most kilometers of the men and women who took part. In addition to this great achievement, the management also presented the four winners with a “healthy” package for the next bike tours last year.


On May 11th, 2021, the official award ceremony for the state winners of the “Lower Austria cycle 2020” campaign took place. The trophy was only officially handed over afterwards due to the corona situation. Markus Nagl was present for Test-Fuchs and accepted the award.