18. May 2022

TEST-FUCHS at "Siegerlounge" - the festival of the apprentices

Yesterday, the best specialists in Lower Austria were honored by Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner and WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker at the "Siegerlounge - The Festival for Apprentices" in the VAZ St. Pölten.

Top results in national and international competitions as well as awards in the final apprenticeship examination for the year 2021 were awarded.

Congratulations to our TEST-FUCHS GmbH specialists Gregor Litschauer (AustrianSkills), Jakob Litschauer (AustrianSkills), Matthias Hollerer (AustrianSkills), Tobias Daniel (final apprenticeship examination) and Jonas Knapp (national apprenticeship competition) - (on the photo from left).

Fotocredit: Gerald Lechner und Andreas Kraus