The Citric Solution

WALICLEAN is a complete new way of waste line cleaning, developed with the know-how of experts who have been dealing with waste line cleaning for many years. With WALICLEAN there are no costs for buying, storing or the disposal of aggressive chemicals. It is not necessary to dismount the waste line tube system, the segments don't have to be soaked in acid, there is no need for re-assembly nor leakage tests of the waste line system. The costs for all these time-consuming procedures can be saved.

WALICLEAN uses the revolutionary simple technique of letting circulate a warm solution of citric acid and water through the tubes of the waste line system. Once the process has started, there is no need of monitoring, when the cleaning is finished, the process stops automatically. The residue can be disposed of in accordance with the local legal requirements. The simplicity of WALICLEAN helps to save time and money and is a green way of cleaning.



Press release about WALICLEAN

Innovative with lemmon juice (Gross-Siegharts, October 7/2013)
WALICLEAN is heading towards AIRBUS Approval (Gross-Siegharts/München, October 10/2013)
AIRBUS information on WALICLEAN validation (January 2014)
AIRBUS TEBs A320, A330/340, A350, A380 (January 2014) 


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