12. September 2023

TEST-FUCHS celebrates 450th HGPU

The Hydraulic Ground Power Unit, or HGPU, is used to maintain and test the hydraulic systems of airliners. It helps ensure airworthiness and thus helps reduce time "on the ground" (Aircraft On Ground) for smooth and safe flight operations.

In the 1990s, TEST-FUCHS delivered the first HGPU to Austrian Airlines. This was followed by many more orders from different airlines and aircraft manufacturers. In 2006, series production of the device was then started.

Next milestone

At the beginning of September, the 450th HGPU now left the TEST-FUCHS assembly hall and will make an important contribution to flight safety in the hangars of the Austrian fleet.

"Not only the number of units delivered is gratifying, but especially the decades of trust our customers have placed in TEST-FUCHS. And one thing is for sure, without the outstanding work of our manufacturing staff, this milestone would not have been possible," said Volker Fuchs, CEO and company owner TEST-FUCHS.

General order level at all-time high

Following the easing of the Corona situation and the gratifyingly rapid upturn in the aviation sector, the general order situation in mid-2023 is above pre-crisis levels. Even projects that took several years to develop and were further delayed by the pandemic are now picking up speed again. The very good workload also results in an increased demand for personnel and TEST-FUCHS is expected to grow to more than 660 employees worldwide by the end of the year.

Open positions at TEST-FUCHS: www.test-fuchs.com/en/careers-test-fuchs