Hydrogen management for cryogenic -253°C and high-pressure 900bar

Our Mission at TEST-FUCHS

TEST-FUCHS‘ contribution to speed up the transformation towards sustainability in the aviation sector. We use technology to build a solid base to understand the complexity of the upcoming change for the whole industry. Our talents develop based on our experience and your expertise solution to move the transition forward. Our experience over decades helps to solve  your challenges fast and risk reduced.

TEST-FUCHS Background & Know-How

Systems and Components, Cryogen, GSE, Testing and Data Solutions (IoT)

We serve the following sectors with our hydrogen solutions: 

LH₂ System and Valves – Testing – Digital Twin
  • Hydrogen Applications
  • Reliability    
  • Market price        
  • Lightweight design
  • Condition monitoring
  • Connectivity
  • Low power consumption


Additional skills in the field of H₂ Tank systems
  • Coupling systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Special Sensors
  • Connectivity
  • Digital Twin
  • On condition monitoring
  • Test Equipment
  • Testing as a Service
  • Verification & Qualification
Research Projects (Clean Aviation und Take-off)
  • Clean Aviation: NEWBORN, H2ELIOS, fLHYing tank
  • take-off: LHYTAMAN, LH2-WAM-tank

other areas

  • LH₂ Valves
  • LH₂ and H₂ Component and Systems Testing
  • H₂ Test Equipment and Test Stands
  • Digital Twin Solutions